Can I cancel my Security Service upgrade?

Can I cancel my Security Service upgrade?

If you'd like to cancel your Security Service Add-On, we require 30 days? written notice. Canceling this add-on will not affect your overall Mopro subscription.
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    • What is the Security Service upgrade?

      With our Security Service upgrade, we'll add an SSL certificate to your site, giving you an extra layer of security online.
    • What happens to my site if i cancel?

      If you cancel, you are able to keep all of your website text and image content. However, as your site is part of Mopro's proprietary platform, it will come offline at the end of the 30-day cancellation period.
    • How does an SSL certificate affect SEO?

      In 2014, Google began using SSL certificates as a ranking signal for SEO, which means if Google looks at your site and they don't see an SSL certificate, your site will appear lower in search rankings than similar sites that do have this certificate. ...
    • Can I continue using my Digital Command Center after I cancel my account?

      After your 30-day cancellation period, we will take your Mopro site offline and you will no longer have access to your Digital Command Center. We recommend gathering any content you'd like to save (images, text, etc.) before the end of this 30-day ...
    • What does the Custom Video & Photography upgrade include?

      You will receive one professional 90-120 second video, shot on location at your business by one of our professional directors. Your package includes one video shoot at one domestic location, additional charges may apply to international and/or ...