Can I change what Social 365 learned about me?

Can I change what Social 365 learned about me?

You can easily adjust posting frequency, scheduling, and categories within Social 365.
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    • Social Section

      Add your social media and local directory accounts by hovering over each title and entering your page URLs.   Contact Live Support or click the Contact My Pro button at the top of the Digital Command Center to request that the accounts are added to ...
    • How is Social 365 different from Social Publisher?

      Social Publisher is a great tool to draft posts, schedule, and syndicate them across all your platforms. Social 365 uses A.I. to learn about your posting preferences, your customers, and more, to schedule an entire year of social media posts for you ...
    • Social Settings

      Configure your social media accounts so that you can use Reputation Manager, Competition Tracker, Social Publisher, and other features in your Digital Command Center.   Accounts   1. Click Settings -> Social Accounts. 2. Click Connect to log into ...
    • Social Publisher

      The Social Publisher is your tool to post to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and blog, scheduling your posts to roll out whenever you want. To use Social Publisher, make sure your accounts are connected under Social Accounts in Settings.   ...
    • What social platforms does Social 365 post to?

      Social 365 posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. It also archives the posts in a separate category of your blog so you benefit from link building.