Do you handle website hosting?

Do you handle website hosting?

Yes, we host your website on Amazon?s EC2 Cloud servers. We grant your website up to 5GBs of digital storage, which is equivalent to approximately three hours of video, 15,000 images or 250,000 unique visitors to your website daily.
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    • What happens to my old site hosting after launching with my new Mopro site?

      Your old site will no longer be accessible on the Internet, but the site itself should still be stored on your old hosting platform. As long as you keep paying for your hosting, it should not be deleted.
    • Can I remove A Mopro Website from my website?

      We include "A Mopro Website" on the bottom of all our sites because we're proud of our work! You'll find that most web developers do this, however we understand you'd like to keep us all to yourselves. Please note, since it's hardcoded into each site ...
    • Are your websites built using templates?

      All of our websites are built with dynamic blocks, which allow for endless site variation. We?ve done years of research on what components make up the most successful websites, and our frameworks address these elements ? including calls-to-action, ...
    • Will I get more traffic to my site?

      Mopro cannot guarantee more traffic to your site, but we do expect the traffic you do receive will be more likely to convert into customers!
    • What should I do if my website is down?

      First, check with your domain registrar to make sure your domain hasn’t expired. If your domain hasn’t expired and you’re still experiencing website issues, visit to check out our platform’s status. Subscribe to updates to receive ...