How can HD video and photos improve my site?

How can HD video and photos improve my site?

Of course this kind of content is aesthetically appealing to visitors.  it can capture attention, sell, and tell your story in a way words often can't. Plus it's part of what search engines want to see. Search engine algorithms are designed to bring users the best possible results, so having organic content like videos on your site tells search engines that you have high-quality content their users want to see.
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    • How can I improve my SEO?

      Start by optimizing your keywords. Make sure your site has specific and diverse keywords that describe what you do. And revisit them regularly, researching trends and seeing which ones benefit you the most. Search engines love keyword-rich, ...
    • Do I own the content from my custom video and photography add on?

      Yes, you can use this content wherever you'd like. If you cancel, you are able to keep all of your content. However, as your site is part of Mopro's proprietary platform, it will come offline at the end of the 30-day cancellation period, so please ...
    • What does the Custom Video & Photography upgrade include?

      You will receive one professional 90-120 second video, shot on location at your business by one of our professional directors. Your package includes one video shoot at one domestic location, additional charges may apply to international and/or ...
    • Is the custom video photography add on an option in my area?

      Yes, we have professional directors all around the world available to visit your location. The add-on includes a video shoot at one domestic location, additional charges apply to international and/or multiple locations.
    • Do I own the design of my site?

      Your site stems from our proprietary platform, so we maintain ownership of the design.