How can I improve my SEO?

How can I improve my SEO?

Start by optimizing your keywords. Make sure your site has specific and diverse keywords that describe what you do. And revisit them regularly, researching trends and seeing which ones benefit you the most. Search engines love keyword-rich, high-quality content.

If you don?t have an SSL Certificate, we recommend purchasing one. They?re required if you sell on your site, but they have SEO benefits too. Search engines give result priority to sites with SSL's. This is included in our Security Service add-on. Learn more at 

Make sure you?re active on social media. Share engaging content that links back to your site and make sure your site?s URL is included on all your platforms. If you?re not already using our Social Wall feature, we highly recommend it. It incorporates your social media content directly on your site, filling it with fresh content search engines love. 

Take advantage of your Blog Platform and start blogging regularly. It increases your reach by creating fresh content search engines want to see. These posts can also be full of valuable keywords that boost your site?s visibility on search engines. And when you share these posts via social media, you create more paths back to your site.

If you?re interested in attracting local customers to your site, check out our Local SEO add-on. We?ll make sure you?re listed with all the right online directories, creating high-quality links to your site. Visit to learn more.

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