What happens during my first call?

What happens during my first call?

During your first call with us, you'll meet your Digital Account Specialist and review your online objectives together. They'll walk you through every part of the website launch process, and they'll be here for you after launch to make ongoing website updates.
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    • How should I prepare for my first call?

      During your first call, we’ll need to verify your domain registrar information. If you have an existing domain, make sure you have your login information handy.   If there’s any content you’d like us to have as we complete your site, email it to ...
    • What happens during my second call?

      During your second call, your Digital Account Specialist will show you your new site and collect any revisions you may have. And the next step is launch! We'll confirm your domain name and review the tools you have access to in your Digital Command ...
    • What happens to my site if i cancel?

      If you cancel, you are able to keep all of your website text and image content. However, as your site is part of Mopro's proprietary platform, it will come offline at the end of the 30-day cancellation period.
    • What happens if I make a change and I don’t like it?

      Your changes aren’t live until you click “Save.” So, if you don’t want to save your changes, navigate away from A.I. Editor without saving. If you’ve already published your changes and you need help fixing something, we’re happy to help! Simply send ...
    • What happens to my old site hosting after launching with my new Mopro site?

      Your old site will no longer be accessible on the Internet, but the site itself should still be stored on your old hosting platform. As long as you keep paying for your hosting, it should not be deleted.