Why am I allowed only two round of revisions?

Why am I allowed only two round of revisions?

While we do limit the rounds of revisions to two, we don't limit the number of revisions that can be done within each round. We've designed this process so we get your site online ASAP. This allows us to complete two concentrated rounds of revisions instead of collecting small revisions over time, which can delay your site's launch.
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    • Who will be handling revisions to my site?

      Your Digital Account Specialist is here to handle any revisions to your site. You can email them at proteam@mopro.com.​​​​
    • What does the Custom Video & Photography upgrade include?

      You will receive one professional 90-120 second video, shot on location at your business by one of our professional directors. Your package includes one video shoot at one domestic location, additional charges may apply to international and/or ...
    • What happens during my second call?

      During your second call, your Digital Account Specialist will show you your new site and collect any revisions you may have. And the next step is launch! We'll confirm your domain name and review the tools you have access to in your Digital Command ...
    • What happens if I make a change and I don’t like it?

      Your changes aren’t live until you click “Save.” So, if you don’t want to save your changes, navigate away from A.I. Editor without saving. If you’ve already published your changes and you need help fixing something, we’re happy to help! Simply send ...
    • What are scalable vector graphics?

      SVGs, or scalable vector graphics, are two-dimensional graphics. We use them to add depth and color to our sites.